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Pregnancy Myths in Sri Lanka

Pregnancy is still a very important episode of a woman’s life in traditional cultures like in Sri Lanka. Pregnant mothers, therefore, are a special focus not only in their families, but also in their neighbourhood and in the society. More the attention, more the myths…

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Sex During Pregnancy

We all know how to have sex in order to conceive. If a couple is having trouble conceiving there are enough and more help out there to work on this problem. BabySpace in previous articles have written about where to start and where to find…

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Second Trimester

Baby’s Development During the second trimester the baby’s hair beginning to grow, including eyebrows and eyelashes. Fingerprints developed. Fingernails and toenails growing. Between 16 and 20 weeks the baby usually felt moving for the first time by some women. The baby’s breathing becomes more regular…

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Contraception Methods

Contraception (or Birth Control) and Family Planning is very important knowledge to plan your family. Traditionally people have been using traditional methods of contraception using knowledge of days of ovulation and avoiding sexual intercourse around the fertile period. There are many methods of contraception available…

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