There are several symptoms that could mean you are pregnant, but it is important to perform formal tests to eliminate any doubt.

After properly being prepared and councelled for pregnancy, establishing that you are pregnant is very important. Early diagnosis of pregnancy is vital as it is a continuous process where in early stages the pregnant woman or the developing baby can be affected due to implications of pregnancy.

For instance when the baby is inside the mothers womb it is important that the mother should not be exposed externally to teratogenic agents (unhealthy things which may adversely affect baby’s division) such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, some drugs and x rays(radiation).

Also if you are already a woman suffering from diabetes mellitus or hypertension early identification and proper management should be done from an early stage of pregnancy. Early diagnosis of pregnancy is also equally important because the pregnant woman has to take sufficient supplements such as folic acid, calcium, ferrous sulphate in order to provide baby with adequate nutrition.

Also it is important to calculate the date you are expected to deliver your baby because it is easier and more accurate when you are diagnosed pregnancy early.

So when you miss your period for the first time after unprotected sex it is important to suspect pregnancy unless proven otherwise and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Diagnosing Pregnancy

Currently most commonly used test for diagnosis of pregnancy by clinicians as well as by women is to insert a strip to the patients urine. The strips detect whether the hormone HCG which is produced in the first few days of pregnancy is present. This test can be used from 12th day after conception to 6th week of pregnancy.

Assessing the amount of HCG in the blood is also done but less commoner than urinary strip method. It can be used from the 6th day after conception until the 12th week of pregnancy. Most accurate way is to then perform a ultrasound to the abdomen or through the vagina. The vaginal scan is more superior and can detect pregnancy 1 week ahead of the abdomen scan.

The ultrasound will help to clearly visualize what is happening inside the womb. You will see the water like area where the baby is, and you will see the baby’s heart pulsations. The positives of early scanning and diagnosis is also avoiding complications of pregnancy.

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