Now that your bundle of joy is on her or his way there are a number of things in the store to buy for him or her. Sometimes you might need these but most of the time they are bought and left in the storeroom for the rest of his or her life until you really discard it for good. One of these items is a pram or a stroller.

In Sri Lanka it is quite common to have some issues after deciding to buy a pram or stroller;

  • The roads in Sri Lanka are not easy to take a pram on, due to bumps or crowds and less space to move on the pavement
  • Most family vehicles are too small to transport the prams/strollers with the best features as they are too big

This article will help you decide if you really want a baby stroller or a pram and also guide you to buy one that is ideal to your little one.

First let’s take a look at the pros and cons of getting a baby stroller or pram


  • Baby prams will keep your baby comfortable and safe when you go for a walk in the park or even a visit to the hospital
  • Will be useful when your baby wants a day time nap when you are outdoors
  • Some models will enable you to keep another younger sibling seated
  • The strollers or prams which allows your baby to face towards you will help him or her feel secure and also, let you check on your baby all the time
  • Some strollers can be converted into a baby car seat. This will come handy when you are out and about and your baby falls asleep on the stroller.
  • Also if you’re a fashionable mum, there are strollers or prams that’ll help you keep in touch with fashion when you are out with your baby
  • Since it is not healthy for your baby to spend his or her time sitting up (generally more than two hours), a baby pram will help you keep your baby flat on his or her back when travelling.


  • Some of the stroller or pram models are not easy to handle with and the procedures can get very tricky
  • Some of them could be too big for your car
  • Big strollers or prams will not enable you to easily take them into most shops or malls as they could be very big
  • When your baby gets older you’ll have to discard the older one
  • Strollers that are age suitable tend to face out wards which most mothers do not prefer

If you have decided to buy a baby stroller or pram your next question could be what you should look for when you actually buy one.

Three-wheeler prams or strollers: This is comparatively larger and heavier than the other ones. Yet most mothers who spoke to the BabySpace said that they are easy to move and push around. However the tendency for then to tip or roll over is high.

Four-wheeler prams or strollers: these are what most mothers go for when they mean to buy a pram or stroller when they are mostly out. They are also more stable than the three-wheelers.

Most strollers or prams come with smaller front wheels and bigger back wheels which is ideal to keep it stable and user easy. However large wheels is easy to be taken on staircases and even bumpy roads.

Meanwhile make sure that you can fit the baby stroller or pram to your vehicle. If it doesn’t and you travel in your vehicle all the time the stroller will not be as useful as you think.

How do I choose the best stroller or pram to my baby?

Check if the wrist tether straps are securely attached to the baby stroller or pram. this will help you keep it in place without rolling away.

Make sure that the foot operated brakes are there on both rear wheels. Test the brakes well before you buy the stroller or pram. to do this apply the brakes and them try to push the stroller to see if they actually work. If you have foot operated brakes then it’ll save you from the burden of bending down each time you want to make a stop.

Your next test should be on the straps which include waist straps, the two shoulder straps and the crotch straps. You should test these well before buying the stroller or pram because these gadgets will help you keep your baby securely in the stroller or pram and not let him or her lean or jump out of it and getting hurt. Give these harnesses a good tug to test this. Also see if the straps are adjustable to the size of the baby.

Check if there are protruding parts of the pram or stroller that will hurt or injure the baby. Check for sharp edges or points. See if the stroller or pram is equipped with child resistant locking mechanisms.

Also, you should make sure that the pram or stroller is stable. If it is not it may tip easily which will cause injuries to the baby. Give it a shake to see if it’s properly built and error free.

What else should I check for?

BabySpace believes that it is always necessary to buy a stroller or pram with an adjustable backrest. Check if it has a detachable front bar that will help you child sit up comfortably. A footrest that will help your child rest his or her feet on so that he or she feet won’t touch the ground or get caught in the wheel.

If the stroller or pram comes with a canopy go for it. this will provide shade to your baby when he or she is out when in the sun. some of these have a viewing window that will let you always see if you baby is well and not agitated by something.

In addition check if the stroller or pram has a storage basket. This will come in handy when you want to carry nappies, food and baby toys.

What should I buy along with the baby pram or stroller?

Sometimes strollers or prams don’t come with additional necessaries. the following is  list of such items that we believe you should consider buying too.

  • a mesh to keep mosquitoes and other insects away
  • a cover that could be used when it rains. these covers are normally made in a way that you can cover the whole pram or stroller
  • a leg cover attachment that can be used when the climate is too cold for your baby
  • a hand operated tyre pump – for inflatable wheels
  • and a nappy bag to carry the baby nappies around