One of the first things on your mind after giving birth would be, how soon will my body be back to normal? You could have high hopes that all the weight gain will disappear, and that all the pigmentation and the big belly will disappear. But the truth is that it all happens gradually, and can take almost a year.

Here are some common questions most mothers face, and some useful tips on getting your body back.

How soon will I lose the weight that I gained?
It is the simple answer that for as long as you have a controlled well balanced diet, and exercise you can lose the weight in no time. However it is recommended to wait for at least six weeks before you progress to any heavy physical exercises such as running, and some stomach exercises.

How soon will I recover from labour?
The recovery will depend on many things including what type of labour process you went through, and also how able your body is to cope through surgery or tearing of skin during normal labour. Recovery will also change from one woman to another, and it is best not to push oneself to recover, instead take it slow and steady.

Recovering from normal labour
Recovering from Caesearen section

Why do I feel emotionally down after the baby?
Your body has gone through a big amount of stress after the baby. After the baby is delivered the hormone levels which were high during pregnancy starts to drop and return to normal so it is normal to start feeling down, but keep in mind that this could become serious if emotions are not controlled. Always ask for help when possible till your body is able to recover from stress of labour and any physical change it went through during pregnancy.