Pregnancy is a very important episode of a woman’s life. As the baby becomes the centre of attention, everything else starts revolving around it. Nutrition and the mental happiness are your priorities during this period. As a result, attention on other things such as your beauty may be less.

In Sri Lanka most women are victims of pigmentation, and drying of the skin not just due to hormones but also due to skin complexion and the humid weather.

But, you still can look nice during this period. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to certain skin related issues during this period and your constant attention, therefore, is important. These issues can vary from one to another and can include extra dryness, stretch marks, acne, oily skin or discoloration.

Therefore, following some beauty tips during pregnancy can help you minimize negative effects on your skin and will boost your self- image.

Skin Care during Pregnancy
Now you know that changes in hormones affect skin during pregnancy. Therefore, you need to understand your skin type during pregnancy and use products accordingly. Some of the products that you used before getting pregnant may no longer be suitable during this period. As cosmetic products can cause irritation or allergies, be careful to use safe products.

Use a sun protection: Increased sensitivity of your skin can damage it, if exposed to the direct sun. It may get worse if there are stretch marks on your body. Always use a proper sun screen with SPF 15 before going into the sun.

Use a cleanser: Some develop oily skin during pregnancy. If you have dry skin during pregnancy, it also can lead to clogged pores. Therefore, keeping your skin clean is necessary. Use a mild cleanser to remove dirt on you skin. Avoid harsh cleansers as it can damage your highly sensitive skin during this period.

Use a moisturizer: Moisturizers are important if you develop dry skin during pregnancy. This can improving moisture levels in your skin and give it a fresh look too.

Diet with Nutrients: A balanced diet with necessary vitamins and proteins can increase the heath of the skin. It will also improve the overall health of the pregnant mother and the baby alike.

Drink water: Drink more than one liter of water a day during pregnancy. It will help maintain skin moisture and remove toxins.

Have a proper sleep: Sleep for 8-9 hours a day. A sound sleep is important to maintain hormonal balance and the heath of the pregnant mother. Give your body a massage, if there are body aches and pains. This will help you for a sound sleep.

Using Make-ups: Normally make ups are safe to use during pregnancy. However, try to avoid such products containing retinoids or salicylic acids. Apart from that you may have to consider changes in your skin during pregnancy before using.

Removing facial hair: There can be an increase of hair growth during pregnancy due to increase in sex hormones-Androgen. This is prominent during the first trimester of your pregnancy. You may notice unusual growth of hair not only on your face but also on legs, back, arms belly and breasts during this period. However, this will naturally disappear once the baby completes 6 months after birth. Hair removing during pregnancy is safe. You may tweeze, wax or shave remove hair. But bleaching is not recommended due to possible bad impact on the baby due to chemicals. Also, using permanent hair removing methods such as laser is also advisable during pregnancy.

Hair Care during Pregnancy
Hair treatments such as dying gray hair, colouring, perming and straitening are generally treated as not suitable during pregnancy. There is a possibility that chemicals in the products used for such treatments can harm the growing fetus. Risk may increase as the processing time goes up for the treatment since it encourages absorption of chemicals to the bloodstream through the scalp.

However, hair dying during pregnancy has shown no evidence of causing harm to the fetus. If you want to go for hair coloring, do it after the first or the second trimester since the fetus is less vulnerable during that period. Also, avoid contact with the scalp to minimize the chemical absorption to the blood. However, always seek for your doctor’s advice before going for any such activity which involves a certain amount of risk.

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    Great post, I even went for a facial during my first pregnancy with no issues. But it was a special maternity package.

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