Games are not just fun and play anymore. BabySpace explore some game baby games and their benefits

It is indeed a dilemma to new parents to know whether they are in the right track when they introduce games to their little one. Most of our Sri Lankan mothers said that they are not sure if playing with their baby was enough to help her/him to develop both physically and mentally.

What you need to know is that child’s play has its own benefits, especially when it comes to the development of your child. Encouraging your baby to take part in active play will help the her/him to stay fit and develop many life skills including interaction, understanding another person, teamwork, communication, patience and even get a hang of social rules.

Seems very interesting doesn’t it? It is almost like catching 20 birds with a single stone. But, what are these day to day active games? How can you introduce it to your baby?

The BabySpace will explore these questions in this article. But there is one thing that we be aware of before we start- safety.

Baby Safety

You would know better how important minimizing risks is when it involves your baby. But, we have to assure 100 per cent safety and listed below are some safe tips we put together for you.

  • Make sure that there is enough room for your baby to move (if he/she has started to crawl). This way you could minimize accidents and the baby will feel free to move about.
  • Dress your baby in a comfortable clothing that will help him/her to move with ease
  • Always be around if the baby is playing with objects
  • Maintain a routine check on objects that was used during play time. This is to ensure that the baby has not swallowed any.
  • Try to use objects that cannot be swallowed
  • It is also important to involve activities that is suitable for your baby’s age to avoid confusion and frustration

Now that we have taken necessary precautions it is time to move on. The following are some easy games that you could introduce to your baby. If you have any other suggestions that other mothers could also try don’t forget to leave a comment.


Peek-a-boo or jack in the box is a very exiting game. When you baby is only a few months old he/she will find it confusing to understand where a person goes, when he leaves the room or is out of sight. They will naturally conclude that the person would never return.

This game will help the baby understander the concept of existence even when someone or something is not insight or object permanence.

Playing peek-a-boo will also help the little one to develop abstract thinking and strengthen memory.

How to play

One player (in this case a parent) hides his/her face with hands and suddenly uncovers, showing the face saying peek-a-boo or ‘I see you’. When you hide you face give a little time for the baby to understand what happened.

Another way to play the game is by hiding behind a furniture or if you are in your garden behind a tree and jumping out into view saying the same.

You can get more information about the game on this BBC article

Sing a song

This is another interesting and fun game to do. Repeating a catchy and easy song will help your child to enhance his/her memory. If you baby is older try adopting a few easy steps to develop his/her mobility. Some of the songs that you can sing are ‘tikki tikiri tikiriliya’ or ‘Jonny Jonny. Yes, papa’.

How to play

hold the baby on your lap comfortably or let him/her lie on the bed and sign a song slow and clear. Every time the song ends tickle him/her a little. Do this a couple of times till the baby start laughing before the end of a song anticipating your next move.

If you baby is moving try curling and uncurling his/her fingers and toes when singing the song.

Catch a toy (for a baby under six years of age)

This game will help your baby to perceive and develop hand eye coordination. The baby will also learn how to hold things in a fun way without getting tired. Another benefit of this game is the understanding of give and take with another person and interaction.

How to play

You can use a number of toys to play this game. We recommend you to use a ball small enough for your baby to hold because it is round and can be moved around easily. Also balls are full of surprises, it would bounce and roll.

Choose a bright coloured ball and sit your baby of the floor. Show the ball to the baby until you get her/his full attention on it. Then slowly roll it towards her. Watch how he/she follow the ball with eyes. If the baby doesn’t try more slowly. Then encourage the baby to throw it back to you. Always appreciate his/her every move to help the baby feel accomplished after doing the task.

Babble time (for a baby under six months)

This is the age your baby will try to communicate in words or small sounds. Babble time will help your baby to use the tongue and lips to form words. The game will help your baby to understand conversations and gradually speak out meaningful words.

How to play

Sit or stand facing your baby. Repeat more loudly and clearly every word he/she says. This could be a simple ‘aahh’ or ‘baa’. Repeat his/her words for sometime and then gradually introduce new sounds. Such as ‘bahaa’ or ‘oohh’.

Fill the basket (for babies under nine months)

This game will help your baby to hold and place objects of different sizes. It will develop you baby’s mobility and cognition. He/She will understand the concept of different sizes and emptiness and fullness.

How to play
Empty a container of safe toys of different sizes in front of your baby and slowly place the items back in the container. Encourage the baby to do the same. When he/she gets a hang of it make the baby do it on her own.
Two books moms could read about baby games are ‘Baby Signs: How to Talk with Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk’ and ‘Baby Minds: Brain Building Games Your Baby Will Love’ by Linda Redolence and Susan Goodwin.