What is the cost of having a child ?

Cost of having a child varies between the basic needs parents will wish to fulfill for their child. However there are basic essential costs that parents will need to consider.

Expenses will be basically for pre-conceptional medicine specially folic acid for various investigations and blood test and scans for special medications if indicated.

  • Medical related
    • Medicines
    • Vaccines
  • Necessities
    • Food
    • Clothing(nappies)
    • Diapers
    • Shelter
  • Child care
    • Day Care
    • Nanny
  • Schooling
    • Preschool
    • Montessori

Whats the best gap to keep between children?

When considering physical well being, financial support and also effective child support there are many things to consider when wanting to have a second baby.

Practically most parents would agree that trying for a new baby after 2 years is best, doctors will welcome this unless age (being over 35 years) or health can risk chances of getting pregnant. Therefor it would be advice to have a second child by one year.

How do I stop getting pregnant again?

There are various methods of contraception, each with its own result and benefit.

It is important to consult your midwife, doctor and gain a better knowledge of effective contraception methods, as you might not want to get accidentally pregnant again.

Emotional and Psycological Costs

Someting that cannot be truely measured is the mental and physical strain on both parents when having a baby. While mostly mothers will have strain from physical changes and mental issues, fathers too can be affected from stress mentally as well. Therefore its always best to have pre pregnancy councelling or simply talk it out before deciding to have the first, second or any number of babies.