Now you have reached the next major milestone of your baby. Introducing solid food can be tricky and fun at the same time. As you are about to teach your bundle of joy healthy food habits for the following years of his or her life you have to be careful about each step you take. In addition, another thing that is ideal to be aware of is that since your baby has enough time to experience the delicacies there is no need to hasten the process.

The following tips and facts will help you to understand this change.

However, we should not forget that breast milk is the main source of nutrition and food to your baby during the first 6 months, and that the following food categories come second to the richness of breast milk.

How do I know that my baby is ready for solid food?

This is the first question that would arise for any parent. It is easy to know the right time for this if you understand your baby. When the baby is ready for solid food he or she will give off signs that will indicate the necessity of solid food such as waking up late at night very hungry and consume milk more than he or she used to.

You should keep in mind that the ideal time to introduce solid is following your baby’s sixth month.

However as many mothers go back to work mainly in the fourth month, it is accepted that babies can be started on solid food but in liquid form.

How to start the process of solid foods?

After you get to know that your baby is ready for solid food the best food for your baby are fruits and certain vegetables such as sweet potato, banana, avocado and green beans. At the start it is important to mash these foods to make it easy for baby to swallow.

However, remember to give a certain food at a time as the baby’s system is getting used to the alien food. Therefore, we recommend staying for 2-3 days before you introduce the next food. While you give this time, observe if your baby is showing any allergic reactions such as vomiting, rashes, and diarrhoea to the food you fed him or her with. If you detect any of them immediately stop giving her the food and consult your doctor for further inspection.

After a few months you can introduce several foods each day.

Types of food to introduce for your baby


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