OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow often should I bathe my baby?

If your baby is active crawling around, bathing him on a daily basis is necessary. If not, bathing him few times a week is sufficient, as your baby’s skin is very sensitive. On hot days you might find your baby sweating quite frequently, therefore washing your baby could ease any discomfort that he/she maybe having.

Where should I bathe my baby?

Safety of your baby is important when you are washing your baby. Instead of a normal bathtub, use a plastic baby tub to bathe your baby. It will give you more control over your baby and its movements during the wash. In addition, the place you wash your baby should not be wet and slippery.

What is the best way to give my baby a bath?

Any time during morning hours when the baby is up and comfortable is suitable for a wash. Keep everything required such as baby tub with warm water, towels, baby bath liquid, clean nappy and clothes, cotton wool etc. ready, and near before starting to wash your baby. It will make things less complicated for you. Now wash your baby keeping the tips mentioned below in mind.

  • First, fill the baby tub with warm water. If the baby is less than 6 months, fill the tub up to 2 to 3 inches maximum. This can go up to waist level if the baby is 6 months and over
  • Secondly, take the baby on your lap and remove all clothes
  • Then, use a dipped cotton wool in the worm water to gently wipe over baby’s eyes with outward movements. Make sure that the cotton wool doesn’t get too wet after the dip
  • Thereafter, clean baby’s ears around using a fresh piece of cotton wool. Never clean inside the ears of the baby. Also, do not ever use cotton buds to clean inside of your baby’s ears
  • You can use water or a baby shampoo to wash baby’s hair. Dry baby’s hair gently after rinsing it with warm water
  • Wash your baby’s neck, hands and body and genital areas with a fresh piece of cotton wool dipped in warm water
  • Lift the baby and pat him dry once washing is complete. Pay special attention to skin folds when drying
  • Finally, put the baby on a clean nappy and apply baby powder on his face and body to soothe him.
  • Read our article on nappy changing to learn more about how to change your baby’s nappy

Some tips to keep in mind when washing your baby

  • Do not wash your baby when he is hungry or straight after a feed
  • During the first few months it will be important to support your baby’s head and neck while you are washing till your baby can hold his head up
  • Check whether the water is adequately warm or too hot for the baby before washing him. Test it with your hand and mix it adequately, if not
  • As soap or water that can remain in the skinfolds cause rashes, using some powder to dry up the skin faster could help
  • Do not leave your baby alone in the baby tub. If you do so, keep an adult around to take care of him.
  • Keep talking to your baby while washing him. He will like it and enjoy the bath and will become less troublesome
  • It is appropriate to massage some baby oil or baby cream into your baby’s skin after a wash. If you use them, do not use anything that contains peanut oil, as some babies are allergic to it. Lots of babies love being massaged, and it can help them relax and sleep

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