If you are having questions about trying to get pregnant, it might help to learn about the basics of how a baby is conceived. The main issues of getting pregnant will revolve around fertility and ovulation.

Ovulation and fertilization

It is important to have a basic knowledge on the terms ovulation and fertilization. The mother to be should stop using her method of contraception, for example she should stop using Birth control pills to allow for at least 2 regular menstrual cycles to occur before conception. To produce a baby, mother should be biologically ready. On the 14th day of her menstrual cycle (if she has 28 day regular cycles  the ova (egg) Is released. This is called ovulation, if she has irregular cycles, we cannot predict about the delay of ovulation without special investigation.

Around the day of ovulation if unprotected intercourse takes place the ovum released by the female and sperm released by the sexual partner will join together. This complex process is called fertilization. If a married couple is expecting to conceive it is important to have sex on the 12th  – 18th day of her menstrual cycle, if the woman has a regular 28 day cycle.

Can I pick a time for having a baby?

Most couples will want to time their pregnancy and have a child on a specific month or date. It is not practically possible to have a child when you want.

Some couples find that even though they track their ovulation it still is difficult to get pregnant.

How long should I keep trying to get pregnant?

You should generally give it at least a year before seeking professional help. However as age can be a determining factor for getting pregnant, you might need to consult your doctor by 6 months if you are above the age of 35 years.

It is important to accept the reality that pregnancy is bound to chance, and keeping great hopes that you will conceive can become an unnecessary stress and burden on your relationship and to yourself. So it important to stop thinking about it too much and carrying on with your daily life.

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