The choice to have a baby is between a couple, however in Sri Lankan culture we find that our parents, grand parents and relations can play a role when making decisions about having children.

Its important to discuss and come to an agreement as to why you are having a baby. Pregnancy is a serious condition that is not passed through easily, and is associated with many risks and issues.

Are you ready to have a baby?

You and your partner need to make the first decision as to when you think you are ready to have a baby. Your parents and grandparents had children so long ago, and things are not the same as it used to be. Things are different during this day and age, and there are also many advancements in medicine to help couples get through while having a healthy pregnancy.

If you are thinking of having a baby, there are a few things professionals will mention that you should keep in mind. That’s why most couples are directed for pre pregnancy counselling to find answers to their questions.

What is Pre Pregnancy Counselling?

Pre Pregnancy counselling is advice supplied by an Obstetrician about the steps a mother to be and father to be can take in preparation for pregnancy.

Basically it is a checklist for people to see if they are living their lives that are most accommodating to having a healthy pregnancy. Going through this checklist can give time for one to make the necessary changes before  getting pregnant.

The purpose and goal of pre pregnancy counselling is to help patients have full term, healthy pregnancies and babies. The counselling and education are important because lifestyle habits such as smoking or alcohol usage, and hard drug usage can be hazardous to a developing fetus.

What sort of topics will be discussed?

It is important that women and men understand health issues that may effect conception and pregnancy and make an the right choice about pregnancy.

Identifying couples who are at risk of having babies with a genetic defect is the most important thing and providing them with sufficient knowledge to make informed decisions is mandatory.

It is a known fact that out 1 in every 250 pregnancies that occur after 35 years of age will end up with Down’s babies. So you may consult your doctor for necessary screening for this by triple test or other genetic tests. You may get more details on request.