The first three months after birth is an important period for all newborns. It is also an anxious time for new mums and dads. Here are a few things that could likely occur but most parents do not know about.

Head control
It is very important to give enough support for baby’s neck during the first 3 months as baby’s neck. Keep your hand or arm arched under baby’s neck, and while travelling make sure to keep baby’s head securely in car seats, prams and carriers.

Infections of the naval
This can be quite common, specially if water is left in the naval. Always remember to pat dry baby’s naval and visit a doctor for treating any infection.

Colic, fussiness and vomiting
Although this can be normal vomiting can make most parents very anxious. It is important to visit your pediatrician and check for any serious signs or complications however this is very common in most newborns. Some of the reasons are not scientifically explained, but often attributed to gas in the stomach or indigestion.

Being prone to flues and colds
This is very common in baby”s who are still building their immunity. Mums and dads should keep in mind that breast milk has enough nutrition and is a precious source of antibodies to fight most illnesses and should be continued during this time. If mums are unable to breastfeed it is still important to keep baby hydrated.

Body temperature
In the first 3 months baby cannot control his body temperature and will need to be kept warm. Feel baby’s hands and feet to check for any signs of being too cold. However over heating is also a problem in most hot countries like Sri Lanka, so be wise and make sure baby is comfortable.

Second time parents will know more about these and might not even take these issues too seriously. But if there are any doubts it is always important to consult your pediatrician for advise.

This is a list that will be updated overtime. If you would like to contribute to this and comment please submit your views through our contact us page.

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