When you are pregnant you should always anticipate problems which may arise due to pregnancy. More than one baby can develop inside the womb, and most commonly two babies develop inside the womb.

If the two babies develop from a single egg, they are called identical twins, but the most commonest occurrence is non identical twins, which is produced by 2 different eggs.

Factors such as race, familial inheritance,advancing age, drugs which are used for infertility increase the incidence of twin pregnancies.

Usually non identical twins have separate placentas and separate water bags, but identical twins can share the same water bag or same placenta which will complicate the pregnancy.

Problems such as excessive vomiting, becoming deficient in iron and other nutrients, high blood pressure, large amount of liquour(water), high blood pressure can cause distress to the mother therefor proper management from the diagnosis of twin pregnancies is mandatory.

The twins also face some problems, one twin can die due to cut down of nutrients or can be smaller than the other. Water bag may rupture early, also there maybe conjoint twins due to incomplete division of the baby during the first trimester. During labour many problems should be anticipated, hence proper antenatal counselling and early admission to hospital for labour is important.